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Truth is a Lie

I was on a lake the other day. The weather was fine so i decided to go and take some time to relax. Unexpectedly there was a lot of people camping there.I met a guy that was there with his family. They were making a lunch out there so they invited me. It was a really nice lunch. But the thing that i was really interested in was their generator. I saw that they have some solar panels around their camping place. So i asked a bit and Fred showed me his solar generator. I was shocked. It was so small. I never had a chance to see a solar generator in person. He told me that he bought it recently and he gave me a link to a website that has solar generator reviews and told me to check it out. The website is http://thebestgenerator.com/solar-powered-generator-reivews/ and the weirdest thing is they are dirty cheap. The medium one is about 600$ with some panels. That is pretty cheap considering it is a one time purchase. There are no usage expenses like oil and fuel. And the best thing, i can use it in my apartment too. So i am really interested in buying one. I can use it at home and i can also keep it in my car and take it anywhere i go. I need to calculate my power needs but if its for camping i dont need anything special. Just something to keep my phone and laptop charged and maybe some lights. The benefits of this kind of generator are amazing. It is not expensive , its green and quiet...its perfect...


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